Marketers know visual content is key when it comes to engaging people online. People like to gawk rather than read. 

Using photos, illustrations, memes, gifs, videos and infographics makes your content more compelling. 

There are some excellent tools that help you easily create content marketing graphics using templates— one of our favourites is Canva. We also make our own original graphics using Photoshop or other software.

Either way, it pays to build, and keep adding to, your own library of royalty free images carefully chosen to ensure alignment with your content marketing strategy and brand identity.

Here's a few sources we use for free photos, illustrations and gifs:


  • High quality, conceptual and quirky photos
  • Great for blog feature images

Death to Stock Photos:

  • quality, royalty-free photos delivered to your inbox every month
  • includes people working, but not stuffy corporate
  • often includes photos of everyday life


  • Images of mobile devices and screens you can easily add your design/product to
  • great for mock-ups and demo videos


  • no attribution required
  • high resolution photos - amazing quality and variety


  • no attribution required (CCo licensed)
  • high resolution photos - good for vintage feel & urban imagery


  • For all the gifs!
  • Easily searchable and embeddable

Do you have other sources to share? We welcome comments and suggestions below!

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